BetDevil's Profiling Tool allows you to profile for matches that fit your betting strategy.

The profiling tool allows for the back testing of profile for profitability against historical odds.

Access the growing database of shared profitable profiles.

The Top Profitable Profiles have returned in excess of 6/7 figure sums from 100 units initial bank.

BetDevil's Profiling Tool allows you to create profiles using 157 different criteria.

The criteria can be divided into 5 sections

  • League Selection
  • Match Ratings/%Probability Criteria
  • Odds Criteria
  • Home Team Criteria
  • Away Team Criteria

Criteria includes ratings, %, goals, sequences, streaks, etc..

BetDevil's Profile Management allows the user to save up to 30 profiles.

This enables users to easily check for up and coming matches that fit their profiles.

Profiles can be easily created, saved, modified and deleted using the Profile Management system.

Profile statistics are updated nightly to reflect the daily match results.

BetDevil's Profiling Tool allows you to create public or private profiles.

The public profiles are known as shared profiles.

The sharing of profiles has been a great driver in the development of extremely profitable profiles.

Private profiles returns can be viewed in the Top Profitable Profile Table.

Once you generate your BetDevil Profile, you can back test your profile to see if it was profitable over the previous seasons.

The Top Profitable Profiles Table gives the user instant access to the top profitable private profiles. Leverage the profitability of the existing shared profitable profiles or take existing profiles and tweak them to make them more profitable.

BetDevil's Profiling Analysis allows you to view all matches for the Top 20 Profiles for the current period.

The Top 20 Profiles hit rate is exceptional.

  • Home/Away Win Matches
  • Draw Matches
  • Under 2.5 Goals Matches
  • Over 2.5 Goals Matches