BetDevil provides the following Benefits in the quest to beat the bookie!

  • Profitability
  • Save Time
  • Invaluable Information
  • Analysis Tools
  • Profiling Tools
  • Profitability Calculator Tools
  • Odds Comparison
  • Betting Knowledge
  • Betting Community

Let BetDevil help you become profitable or maximise your profits.

You wouldn't buy shares on the stockmarket without the right information, then why do it on sports gambling.

To become profitable at Sports Gambling, it has to be treated in the same vein as the stockmarket. Join the 5% of Gamblers who are profitable.

Save valuable time by leveraging BetDevil's Data and Tools.

Why spend time trawling through multiple leagues for the best bets when BetDevil can supply it in seconds.

Customise your profiles to select matches to suit your betting strategy.

Use the existing shared profitable profiles to get the edge on the bookmaker.

Get invaluable information on 33,000+ matches per annum via BetDevil's complete range of Tools. BetDevil provides comprehensive information ranging from

  • Enhanced Statistics
  • % Probabilities
  • Rating Systems
  • Odds Comparison
  • Trend Analysis Graphs
  • Sequences & Streaks
  • League Tables (Embedded Data)

BetDevil provides invaluable Team, Match, League, Odds and Trend Analysis Tools.

Easily find the best 1X2, U2.5 or O2.5 Team/Match/League to bet on.

Alternatively, find matches via the

  • Trend Analysis Tool
  • Sequence & Streaks Tool
  • Profiling Tools
  • etc..

BetDevil's unique Profiling Tool puts you, the punter, in the driving seat, allowing you to easily retrieve matches that suit your betting strategy.

The time saving Profiling Tool comes with 150+ different selection criteria ( Leagues, Stats, Ratings, % Probabilities, Sequences & Streaks and Odds) to choose from.

Check which matches are picked by the Top 20 Profiles for 1, X, 2, U2.5 and O2.5 markets.

Check out the Top Profitable Profiles.

Once you generate your BetDevil Profile, you can back test your profile to see if it was profitable over the previous seasons.

The Top Profitable Profiles Table gives the user instant access to the top profitable private profile. Leverage the profitability of the existing shared profitable profiles or take existing profiles and tweak them to make them more profitable.

BetDevil provides an Odds Comparison service from Multiple Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges.

Maximise your profits by betting on the best odds available.

You can easily check for Odds Arbitrage possibilities via the Match Analysis Tool.

Analysed Odds include 1X2, U2.5, O2.5, .

One of BetDevil's goals is to educate the punter in addition to providing invaluable betting information and tools.

Information is not enough to beat the bookie, systems and strategies are also required.

BetDevil's combination of profiling and staking systems has created an abundance of profitable profiles.

Get involved in the BetDevil's message board, share info/strategies etc..

Communicate with other BetDevil users via the private messaging service.

Take advantage of the highly popular and profitable Shared Profile Section.

Share your Match Previews with other users.